Common App Student Advisory Board meeting

Common App launched its Student Advisory Committee (SAC) in July 2022.  This July, we will begin our second cohort. The committee was designed to give students a seat at the table in college admissions. We want to learn from students and get ideas and feedback on our everyday work. 

Each cohort consists of 15-20 high school juniors, high school seniors, and first-year students at two and four-year institutions nationwide. Students meet with Common App staff for a monthly 2-hour meeting. During these meetings, staff also attend to get student feedback on various projects across the organization. The Student Advisory Committee has advised on dozens of projects and presented to enrollment leaders at Common App’s annual Illuminate conference. Students have provided feedback on various student-facing resources, including topics such as Direct Admissions and Common App account navigation. As well as helping Common App understand how students navigate the new FAFSA and how that might impact their college decisions.

This committee has made a significant impact on our work and has proven to be a valuable and necessary initiative as we work to achieve our 2030 equity goal. We are excited to continue this initiative and invite interested students to stay connected and apply in the future. Hear about the experience of some of our previous cohort members and why they suggest you get involved in the future.

Don’t forget to stay connected with Common App to stay up to date with our work and for more information and resources to help with your college application process. 

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